Fascia Therapy


All Kinds of Pain

“Fascia therapy is a respectful, gentle manual therapy that responds to the needs of the body and does not make use of manipulations.
Paul Sercu, president of the European College of Fasciatherapy.

It is a gentle, in-depth yet non-manipulative method of treatment. Physical problems are approached from the body itself and from the movement of the patient. When necessary, the therapy can go more in-depth to approach the more personal aspects of the complaints. Account is taken of the vital psycho-emotional and behavioural factors that cause or sustain such problems. Fasciatherapy therefore has an educating dimension as well as a therapeutic one.

Fasciatherapy is practised by physical therapist . They have undergone a difficult and lengthy training process that enables them to deal with complaints in an efficient manner and to approach them from the broad angle